Wednesday, 13 April 2011

"It Is A Revolutionary World We Live In"

Ok, this is straight from my heart.
I see myself as a scholar and rhetorician, but most of all I am a passionate defender of democracy. Democracy does not guarantee that a people will choose what is right, but at least it does guarantee that the people choose and have at least something to say about the destiny of their country and their lives. I believe agency is the fundamental right of every person and people, and those robbed of this right will rightfully fight to reclaim it. This is happening now throughout North Africa and the Middle East. Yes, the approach and groups differ from country to country, but overall there is one cry to which they all unite: Freedom of choice!

I wish I had the right words to address this issue properly. But instead of trying I ask you to listen to someone who does. This speech was made in 1966, but I believe it is even more descriptive of this day and age.

This speech was given by Robert Kennedy, and read again at his funeral. If you can't respect his politics then at least take the time to listen to these words. This is my message to the people fighting for freedom around the world: